Life-changing projects

Raleigh Property understand that your project may have been a long time in the making and represents a significant investment for you. Your choice of builder is clearly crucial to the success of your project.

We have had the pleasure of transforming some fantastic houses in Devon including quite technical conversions on period homes. Our aim is to carry out each project skilfully, respectfully and efficiently, making life as easy as possible for our clients.

“Living in a poorly designed property can make people feel stuck – the daily annoyances of the layout and the interior design can be oppressive. When a property is radically overhauled, all these niggles are swept away. The space becomes a joy to use and a pleasant place to share with others. As a result, our projects can be life changing.”

Builders with a design eye

In the early stages of the design process, architects sometimes ask us for a contractor’s perspective on different design options. In which case, we often make suggestions that achieve similar design outcomes in a more cost-effective way.

Where the architect is managing the construction process it is essential that we fully understand the design intentions of the architect’s plans. We aim to work alongside architects so that we picture the desired project outcomes in the same way as they do.

Trust and pricing/value

You can expect very clear pricing from Raleigh Property to make you fully aware of the costs involved and where they arise from. Our estimating team put together detailed costings based upon architect’s drawings and specifications, and we have been complimented on the level of detail that we provide.

In order for you to rate their service highly, your builder will need to perform well against many different criteria of performance. One reason we represent excellent value for money is because of the quality of our project management.

There will often be changes to the costs of a project for a variety of reasons. When quoting there are often items where choices have not been made, e.g. which bathroom suite? Similarly, some costs cannot be determined until work has begun, e.g. do the joists need replacing? As a result, we work with clients to agree provisional sums that help generate a realistic figure for the total costs.

“Being fair and reasonable is extremely important to us”
– Luke Denno, Managing Director

Project management and decision-making

Having a hefty number of decisions about their choices and preferences can be overwhelming for clients. Right at the beginning, the project manager will create a ‘Request for Information’ schedule which lists all the information we will need to know, and when we need to know by. We then ask clients for their decisions in batches; for example, we let clients know the decisions to be made over the coming week.

Clients find this useful because it helps them focus only on what matters at each point in time, and helps them cope with what can be a demanding process on top of daily life.

We also keep clients informed of how costs are shaping up against the budget and show them the impact of their decisions on overall costs.

Raleigh Property / Devon Based Builder

Collaborative working

We are comfortable working with private clients, or working with architects as contract administrators. Having been involved in a large number of projects we are very clear about how the roles differ in each situation. For example, if an architect is managing the build process and the client asked us to do something directly, the chain of command means that we would need to refer back to the architect before proceeding. This clarity of roles and communications is important to the smooth running of projects.

Where a client manages the build process we will naturally spend more time supporting and working with the client throughout the project.

Specialist suppliers & contractors

Over the last decade, Raleigh Property has developed long-term relationships with many suppliers, particularly those providing specialist and high-end products and fittings. The value of these relationships becomes apparent when hiccups occur because our suppliers are prepared to go the extra mile to help Raleigh Property maintain the project programme.

We cover the primary trades in-house and then employ a superb range of subcontractors with whom we have a lasting experience of working with. They are often specialists in their field who are used to working on period properties, but importantly for us, they are also used to complying with our standards of project management.